Thursday, June 15, 2006

Blog Dogs

Still on Lesson 1, but moving on to the second page, here's my attempt at the top dog. Again, my lines are blue and black; Preston Blair's lines are red.

Once again, the peripheral elements are increasingly out of whack the farther they are from the center of the head.

Here's the second dog on the same page of the Blair book. My version alone is on the left. I'm very happy with the look of my drawing. It captures the spirit of the original. On the right is my drawing overlaid on Blair's version. It's pretty close, except for the collar where I obviously wasn't paying attention. And the nose is still too long.

The book says to "draw this dog in other positions", so I did. Here's one of two such poses:

I had trouble understanding the three-dimensional shape of the muzzle, especially since the book doesn't really provide construction lines for it. So the above doesn't look quite right and I don't know how to fix it. But I'm proud of how the drawing "reads", and it mostly looks like the same dog, only a bit off model.

These were done from 5/30/06 to 6/2/06.

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