Thursday, January 31, 2008


This is a sketch called "The Sticky Restaurant" that my friend John Clancy and I performed many years ago.

Regarding the discussion about whether cartoons are best "written" or storyboarded, I can say for sure that we created this piece mostly by acting it out, or imagining it and then acting it out. We wrote it down on paper only after we had the entire piece mapped out down to the exact timing.

Saturday, January 26, 2008

Practice Eddies: "The Midnight Snack" (part 1)

Eddie Fitzgerald keeps treating us with wonderfully silly stories illustrated by photographs he takes of his own amazingly cartoony face. I couldn't resist using these to practice drawing expressions.

These are pretty conservative in that I only caricatured (exaggerated) a little -- strengthening lines of action, etc. What I'd like to try next is applying these expressions to a cartoon character, like Bugs Bunny.

Thanks, Eddie!


"It sounded like crying behind the walls, but that couldn't be."

Every once in a while she'd reach a point where she couldn't take it anymore, and she'd howl and bang her head against the wall."

", something like that. Don't worry it was probably just the wind."

"They say that once a year, she'd get so intolerably angry that she'd manage to crawl up out of the wall into the attic, then down into the house, where she would kill the occupant of this room.

"It never occurred to her to leave here."

"Good Grief! It's bad tonight!"

"You don't suppose that this is the night she'll crawl out, looking for vengeance?"
"They say there's an axe hidden behind a trunk in the attic that she uses to....."

"Naaaaw! That's just a story! Don't think for one minute that I...."