Sunday, September 27, 2009

Proud Tux Mickey Difficulty

Here's another Micky pose from the same set of models. The original:

Now I try to copy the form by defining the solid figure:

I really struggled with the head because it seems to me that the eyeline is tilted in a way that doesn't make sense given the vertical line between his eyes that goes up to the widows peak at the top of his head. So I'm cheating it.

After some corrections, I draw in the detail lines with black pencil. (For comparison, the original is superimposed in light grey):

It was not only a little off, but also too tight and hesitant. So I tried again, trying to go faster this time and totally by eye:

It's funny how I made almost exactly the same mistakes with the foot on the left, and with the tail, both times.

I am so done with struggling with this!
Should I go back to Preston Blair's Tom & Jerry?

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