Monday, September 14, 2009


This feels like I'm getting into the real meat and potatoes.

I started with a print-out of this model sheet:

On a separate sheet, I copied the model but instead of copying the drawn lines, I looked for the construction. I found this very difficult to do, especially the hips and where the legs attach, and the angles of the legs underneath the pants.

On my second try, I got this version:

Even though after drawing I could compare by flipping back and forth, now comparing against the original in Photoshop, I can see now that it's a bit off. Especially the muzzle (too wide), and the arms (too low). But I do think I got the hips and legs right, and the angle of the torso.

Next I traced over my construction lines onto another sheet using black pencil, adding the details.

I'm not happy with my line quality. It's still very uncertain and scratchy. I wish I knew what to do about that.

One thing I probably should have done is tried to add the details in blue pencil, instead of going straight from construction lines to final black.

Finally, comparing my final against the original in Photoshop:

What happened to his butt? Looks like I was a bit off in my blue-line, then didn't copy it well on the final.

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