Monday, April 23, 2007

Lesson 6: Katie Rice's Funny Cute Faces

ASIFA-Hollywood Animation Archive: Meta: The $100,000 Animation Drawing Course- Lesson 6

This was so much fun. But not at all easy.

It probably goes without saying: the red drawings below are Katie's originals. The black are mine.

Katie's drawings look like they were made in a matter of seconds. I wish I could dash them off nearly as easy! But it's hard to copy something exactly.

I love that face, above.

Although Katie's drawings look very rough, there's no doubt that every line she draws is exactly the right shape and in the right place to suggest the three-dimensional character in an appealing way.

I hate when I straighten things out and even things up, like I did with the girl on the left -- losing some of the fun and appeal. (Although even with my meddling, the design still has plenty of appeal.)

I really wanted to nail the one of the left above, because she's adorable.

I'm so amazed how big a difference just a fraction of an inch can make in placing a line. It seems to change the whole personality. Even when I thought I'd copy it well, if my drawing looked like a different person, I just had to start over.

I didn't really understand the drawing on the left, so I had trouble reproducing it.

I made a lot of the faces a bit wider than Katie did. That's one reason hers look more glamorous!

Well, I'm no great designer, but I can say I know all about stick-out mouths.


David N said...

You're doing some good work here. I'm glad to see someone really following John's advice for learning from Preston Blair and others (like Katie Rice) by copying their examples, thereby gaining the tools to be able to go on and do your own style later on (but to be able to do it with confidence and knowledge of basic principles). Keep it up ! I can see progress from your first posts to your most recent ones.

David N said...

By the way, THANK YOU very much for the way you organized the Stanchfield notes into those PDF files. Very handy.

LeoBro said...

Thanks, David.