Monday, April 09, 2007

Champion of Justice

Waste of time or not, here is less than a second of frames that I copied from "Champion of Justice." This is an animated gif, and it runs a little slow.
This "extra credit" project was based on ASIFA-Hollywood Animation Archive Project Blog: Meta: The $100,000 Animation Drawing Course- Lesson 5 and JohnK's follow-up post, which has a link to the longer silhouette sequence.

I just thought, "If I'm spending so much time copying all these drawings from Preston Blair and other old cartoons, I might as well try drawing a sequence of frames."

I probably paid too much attention to copying the silhouette and not enough to trying to imagine the underlying construction.

There's really an underlying contradiction in animated cartoons, isn't there? On the one hand, you want these free, loose, fun, wild, expressive, cartoony drawings, and on the other hand, your figure has to move believably in three dimensions and show believable weight and volume -- all of which require a technical mastery. Art plus science!

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Stephen said...

Nice work, Leo. At first, I thought you grabbed the silhouettes from the cartoon. I like the fact that you're going the extra mile!