Sunday, November 08, 2009

Kaspar - rough layout

From this series of storyboard sketches.

Kaspar is intensely focused.

Mine above lost a bit of the scrunched intensity of the orginal. But I like how I brought his wrists closer together and bent his hands away from each other; it gives more of the feeling of him pawing through the garments.

I don't know what I was thinking with that arm. Also, it's too "cute" and missing the exagerated upward motion of Kaspar's surprise.

On my second try, I like how I pushed that upward surprise stretch even further than the original. But it doesn't look enough like Kaspar.

This one missed the original expression.

Second try a little closer. Still not evil enough...

I've never drawn this character before, and I've never tried cleaning up great roughs like this. So I know there are a million things wrong. Any advice is welcome - I'm happy to be the "don't do it like this guy" guy!
But this was really fun! I'm going to do more.

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