Monday, October 15, 2007

The JohnK Animation Curriculum

Just keeping track of all the great stuff JohnK is posting...

The Curriculum

JohnK Animation Course Level 1

First Principles of Cartoon Drawing

1. Heckling Hare: step-by-step construction lesson

First Principles of Cartoon Motion

Rubber hose animation basics
animating to beats,
how to read and write ex sheets.
Walks, double bounce walks, runs, basic movement,figure 8 motions,
Overlapping Action
Basic lip synch,
3/4 walks with animating backgrounds
Animating the impossible-using the medium to do what only animation can do.

1. The Beat (Kali does Bosko's Bounces)

Pedro Completes Bosko's Bounces

2. Oswald Dance

Oswald Ex Sheets, I'll help you out

3. 10 x beats. Flip the Frog: double bounce walk

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