Sunday, March 25, 2007

Lesson 5, Part 4

Today I finished copying all the Preston Blair drawings from JohnK's Lesson 5.

This one of Tom sneaking on his tippy-toes was really hard for some reason. Below was my third attempt:
And here is the comparison of it with the Preston Blair original. Not too bad. If I want to focus on the successful parts, that front leg is pretty exact!
I really enjoy drawing Jerry.

Comparing it to the original, mine was again pretty close. Except I really underestimated his ear.

Tom again, and once again this was kinda tricky.
I made the head too small, as you can see in the comparison below:

The next one is interesting. If I just saw the finished drawing, I wouldn't have seen the line of action as clear as Preston Blair draws it (bottom picture). But being aware of it, you can see how all the parts of this drawing fit around that line.
I'm getting a little faster at these but it takes me almost an hour per drawing.
There's still a bit more to Lesson 5: JohnK included some extra frame grabs including some actual silhouettes, plus some Disney pencil sketches with good line of action. Plus just a few days ago, John posted a short animation of a great character running, tying a rope and jumping on a bicycle, all in silhouette. I'm thinking of attempting to copy at least part of that animation!

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