Saturday, March 10, 2007

Lesson 5, Part 2

I'm grateful that there are so many poses with the same two characters. It helps to see how they can be stretched into such extreme poses.

This one was relatively easy. I worked on capturing that expression of disdain.

Here is the comparison to Preston Blair's original:

This one was really hard! It think just because it's so stretched out. I made many tries on this one, then finally traced the line of action before copying the figure itself by eye. The face is pretty damn accurate anyway. Again, I worked on capturing the exact expression.

Look how distorted Tom's body is. It's harder to see the underlying construction in this drawing, compared to simpler poses. Look at how his two shoulders are aligned, and try to imagine his pelvis in relation to his spine! You can see how Blair pushed the construction both to impart a strong the line of action and to create a strong silhouette. It's not that he sacrificed or ignored construction -- he just bent it to create a stronger cartoon drawing.

This is such a cute pose of Jerry. But speaking of stretching the pose, his left shoulder is coming out of his head!

Below is the comparison to Preston Blair's original:

Another one of Jerry:

I did the next one twice. The first one was too stretched out horizontally. This is the second one:

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